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Graduate Program Applied Algorithmic Mathematics

Idea and goal

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Idea of the graduate program


The main idea of our program is
mathematical modelling, analysis and algorithmic treatment of practical problems from nature-, engineer- and financial science.

In a society aimed at the efficient use of resources the quantitative destription of technical and economic processes plays a key role. The methodical core of appropriate modellings, analyses, and algorithms is of mathematical kind, whereby mathematics and the related field of computer science become central (although often not observable on the surface) innovative factors. Practical problems are usually so complex that only in the interaction of different areas of mathematics and computer science and in co-operation with the users relevant progress can be obtained.

Research projects

The resaerch areas of the individual research projects which can be treated at the graduate program "applied algorithmic mathematics" are divided roughly into the following four main focuses:

I: Mathematical methods in signal and image analysis
II: Stochastics
III:Mathematical Modeling, differential equations and numerics
IV: Discrete, geometric and algebraic structures
All research projects treat algorithmic questions within the scope of applied mathematics.

The special projects are in detail described on the side of research projects.

Scientific goals

Aim of the graduate program is to carry out on the basis the different fields involved of a comprehensive however research and training programme homogeneous in the adjustment for graduate students of contributions to important current questions in the bases and applications of algorithmic mathematics. The emphasis is thereby on the application-oriented fundamental research. By close co-operation with partially of the professors of the program led and in o.a. Programs embedded groups of researchers is the orientation of the graduation research at the practical requirements (on the basis of material data) as well as a practical conversion of the results which can be expected secured.

Scholarship holders should be offered a comprehensive research and didactic program that teach them both the mathematical, statistical and computer scientifical basics, and develops their abilities to model practical problems leading to algorithmic mathematics.


The graduate program "applied algorithmic mathematics" starts its work on 1.10.98. A common working group of the scientists involved was formed. Up to 15 PhD-students and two post-docs are promoted. Contacts to other research institutions, as well as to companies are used for the developing of the graduate program.

Supporters and took part institutions

The Graduiertenkolleg is a institution of the

Center of Mathematical Science
Technischen Universität München

under participation of

Faculty for Computer Science
Technischen Universität München

as well as

Faculty for Philosophy, Science Theory and Statistics
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

What are graduate programs?

"Graduate programs are long-term, but no permanent institutions of the universities for the promotion of young talents in the scientific world (PhD-students, graduated students) by participation in the research. At graduate programs PhD-students should find the opportunity to prepare their thesis in the context of a curriculum and work in an inspirating research connection. To that extent graduate programs provide a research-oriented integration of research and study." (DFG instruction card 1.30-1/98)

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft promotes particularly qualified PhD-students in all scientific disciplines, from nature and human to the bio and engineering sciences in this program.

Andrea Kampfer (kampfer(at) ma.tum.de)
  May 2006